Copwatcher witnesses man being harassed by Cops for no Reason – Video Included

We received the following video from a fellow Copwatcher. This Copwatcher witnessed a black man get harassed and frisked down by the cops. This man was continuously harassed and questioned by the cops, as you can see from the video, for well over 10 minutes before they let him go.

The Copwatcher recounts:

“Saw two police officers searching a black man on the southwest corner of Mission & 16th. I stopped about 15 feet away and recorded the encounter. A few minutes in, one shook his head at the other and pointed towards me. After a few more minutes listlessly searching this man, they left and let him go. One cop, the one wearing sunglasses started walking towards me so I stopped recording and put my phone away so they couldn’t break it. Sunglasses cop then said “got nothing better to do?” To which I said “nope” and started walking back to the BART to go home. The sunglasses cop then followed me across the street while pulling out a camera and recording me across the crosswalk but I was then able to enter the BART station without incident.

I did not see their car, it seemed that if they had one, they had parked it at least a block away. I did not get their badge numbers or names because I didn’t want to face additional scrutiny afterwards. However, I thought that it was quite possible that one or both of these officers had been involved with other incidents and that this video might be useful to you.”

We thank this Copwatcher for sending us this video!

Trans and Queer Activists Beaten and Arrested During SF Pride


For Immediate Release: June 29, 2014

San Francisco’s Mission District – At least six people were arrested on Saturday night after a protest against a prison-themed party.

The six included a National Lawyers’ Guild Legal Observer; several protesters were clubbed and beaten to the ground after a protest numbering several hundred marched to the Armory at 14th and Mission Streets in the Mission District, from a 10 p.m. gathering at the 16th Street BART Station. Two of the arrestees have been released; four are still in custody as of 4 a.m. Sunday morning.

The promoters of the party mockingly invited people to “get arrested” and enjoy “solitary confinement, showers, jailbreak, love and lust, freedom and confinement.” The protesters argued that the party was a crude event that profited off of the brutality suffered by trans women and gender nonconforming people of color, who are so often funneled into the prison industrial complex.

“This is a travesty–on the anniversary of the famed Stonewall Rebellion, where trans and queer people rose up against police brutality, that six people would be arrested for protesting an SF Pride-sanctioned party that celebrated state violence and prison rape,” said Mary Lou Ratchet, a Gay Shame ( representative. The march was organized by Gay Shame and LAGAI (


Peaceful Senior Citizen Harrassed, Cited for open Container and then ARRESTED on Folsom and 24th! See Video.

Copwatch Report submitted by Longtime Mission Resident, A.C.

Location: Near 24th on Folsom

Date: 06/19/2014

Here is my 70 year old neighbor James who every day sits on this or that stoop with a can of beer or otherwise doing nothing but sitting peacefully. I’ve never seen him upset. Never. These officers decided to give him a citation for having an open container, and he was incensed for being targeted and mistreated. He was taken away in the cop car out of sight.

Mr. James’ friend is seendefending the man saying “”Do it [cuff him] right officer. Don’t break his arm. Don’t you dare hurt this man. I’ll fight you if you do. I won’t be afraid of your guns. I won’t care if you shoot me, but don’t you dare hurt this man.”

See below for the upsetting video – towards the end there is comments from neighbors:





Mission Resident Harrassed and Given Ticket on Bicycle near 17th and Capp

This Morning a longtime Mission Resident was stopped by Police for not completely stopping at a stop sign while riding their bicycle.  They not only harassed them but also accused them of organizing violence on cops just because their phone was out. See their update here:

Status Update

By C.M.

Got pulled over today at Capp and 17th for supposedly not coming to a complete stop at the stop sign. I had slowed almost to a complete stop, seen there were no cars, and moved on. When I saw they were writing me a ticket, I became vocally pissed and pulled out my cellphone. Here is an excerpt of my conversation with the San Francisco Police:

Cop: Ma’am, put away your cellphone.

Me: Why? ( I don’t put it away and start taking pictures)

Cop: because I need to protect my safety.

Me: O really? A middle-aged lady on her way to exercise class on her bike might assault you with her cellphone?

Cop: You might be calling someone to come [attack us]

Me: Really? When was the last time an older woman being detained on her bike called thugs to attack cops?

Cop: It happens

Me: Can you cite the incident?

Pig:Officers get attacked all the time.

Me: expetive, expletive, you expletive.


This is a clear example of the enemy mentality of cops. They are now trained to feel threatened with violence when someone pulls out a cellphone. Needless to say, I refused to put my cellphone away. Will we see headlines in the future: Cops open fire because they thought the suspect was carrying a cellphone?


OFFICER CLIFFORD that was on scene:

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23rd and Shotwell Shut Down – Police Violence Erupts in Front of Elders and Children

Date of Incident: Wednesday May 28th, 2014

Time: 4PM onwards


Account of this incident written by Windsong

She stood a little over five feet tall, against a wall, flanked by cops bent over her, breathing over her. “I need to get my baby,” she said, and they were motionless.
painting by Windsong

painting by Windsong

As for me, I was walking home with Ivonne, pushing my bike and balancing a box of mangos, happy. But when confronted with this inequality, and breach of justice so blatant en route, I could not leave it to pass without a witness.
I asked if she needed help. She told me, “My baby is inside my house with my grandma, please look to see if they are okay.”
Ivonne and I rounded the corner, but in front of the woman’s house was a swarm of police and weapons.
At 5:15, 10 minutes after we first saw them detaining the woman, three police went up the front steps, 2 carrying handguns, drawn and held pointed upwards at heart level. The third held a gun longer then my arm. They knocked at the door.
When they opened the door, two faces were behind it. One very young, and one very old.
The great grandma held the baby girls hand as they were pushed aside. Three guns and the cops that carried them trespassed into the house with no warrant, so full of themselves and their weapons that they did not seem to see the two pair of eyes that stared at them, young and old.
What kind of impact does this have on a young child, not more then two?
Is this how we allow our elders to be treated?
Both of them were copson23rdbarefoot, and came slowly down the steps, away from the house.
The situation went on for about two more hours, and I am thankful to the crowd of neighbors that gathered and stood, and watched as cops brought more guns and stuff. It ended in one arrest. It was that first image that hit like a ton of bricks, a little baby and her great grandmother nose to nose with three guns. I am full of grief and nausea that this happens, in the wake of Alex Nieto’s death, and I wanted to share this image, as we move forward and seek changes in the unchecked power and disrespect from SFPD.
To those who have been effected by police violence, abuse, brutality:
Stay brave & strong. Let us all continue with integrity and help each other always.
Another Account of the Incident written by Ivonne Iriondo
Supe por primera vez que algo ocurría porque la patrulla casi atropella a mi amiga por tratar de llegar a dónde sea que tuvieran que llegar.A eso de las cinco vimos en la esquina de Shotwell y la calle 23 a una mujer de color tras la pared, asediada por tres grandotes uniformados. Le preguntamos que si estaba bien y nos dijo que no sabía por qué la detenían y necesitaba que su bebita que estaba dentro de la casa -apunto de ser acometida por los policías-, estuviera a salvo.
Entonces Windsong preguntó a los guardias la necesidad de portar armas dentro de un hogar dónde se encontraba una menor de edad, y si tenían orden de cateo. Era evidente que no existía tal, y por ello, los policías se molestaron y no respondieron. Aún así sacaron a la señora mayor de edad que estaba al cuidado de la menor que apenas camina. A estas alturas ya había más de 6 policías y sabrá Dios cuántas armas.Dejamos la caja de mangos en el suelo. Sacamos un lunch. Nos sentamos. La película del abuso por parte de la autoridad. No nos íbamos a ir a vísperas del asesinato de Alex Nieto, que no contó con testigos. Una señora que también miraba el altercado me dijo que todo empezó porque la policía recibió una llamada donde se les informaba de un robo, y creían que el responsable se encontraba en la morada. Mientras tanto, más y más gente se detenía a observar y preguntarse qué es lo que sucedía. Quizá por eso los policías cambiaron el ritmo de su procedimiento. Quizá por ello llamaron pidiendo refuerzos… para que pusieran cinta amarilla de “no traspasar”.Parecía que estaban más preocupados por mantener los ojos de los espectadores alejados de la escena, que protegerlos de un posible percance peligroso.

Luego, la pasarela de pistolas.
Pasarela de pistolas, porque había más de 40 policías y cada uno portaba más de un arma.
Pasarela de pistolas, porque llegó la S.W.A.T. aunque no hubiera rehenes involucrados.
Pasarela de pistolas, porque las únicas armas presentes fueron las de ellos.
Pasarela de pistolas porque, para la autoridad, es re importante dejarle bien  en claro al pueblo quién tiene el poder.

Afortunadamente, arrestaron al hombre y el incidente no culminó en tragedia. Pero sí me dejó pensando que, incidentes como este no son inauditos sino todo lo contrario. Diariamente, policías hacen uso desmedido de su fuerza para detener al “peligro”. Pero, ¿qué es más peligroso que un pelotón armado que apunta la boca de su pistola al rostro de personas inocentes? Aún me pregunto qué le hubiera pasado a ese hombre si todos los que estuvimos ahí, no nos hubiéramos detenido a mirar.

Nuestras armas deben ser nuestra boca y ojos para denunciar todo abuso por parte de la autoridad.

For additional details and perspectives on this incidents , please check out Mission Local’s article :

Copwatch Team Out Tonight!

Hey Everybody!

We will be doing Copwatch tonight (Thursday, June 12,2014)  in the streets of the Mission District! We plan to meet up as a group on 24th Street at 6PM. We will be meeting at Taqueria Vallarta.

Please be prompt because we will be dispersing about ten to fifteen minutes after 6PM.

Bring your cameras and remembers your right!!


Mission Copwatch – FIRST Community Meeting – 06/04/2014

Mission Copwatch will be hosting its first Community Meeting for residents of San Francisco’s Mission district to come together to voice concerns and join us in taking a firm step against the police occupation of our Neighborhood!

Modern Times Bookstore Collective
2919 24th Street
San Francisco, CA 94110
The meeting space will be opened up at 7 PM on Wednesday, June 4,2014 with the meeting to begin at 07:10PM

Please encourage other residents and interested parties to attend.

See you there! And, until then, Please send us any documentation of police brutality!

Alex Nieto – Murdered by SFPD 03/21/2014


nieto“On Friday, March 21st, 2014, long time Mission resident Alex Nieto (age 28) went up to Bernal Hill to watch the sunset and eat a burrito, before going to his security guard night shift at El Toro. He was wearing his security guard belt, with a holstered taser, and his new 49ers jacket. According to police, a pedestrian on the hill called 911 at7:11pm to describe a Latin male adult wearing a bright red jacket and a gun at his hip. At7:14pm, the caller, who stayed on the line while officers arrived on scene, described Alex as eating sunflower seeds or chips. At7:18pm, the same caller heard the shots that killed Alejandro Nieto.From an available home security camera audio recording, we know that police first fired two shots, followed by a seven second pause, succeeded by approximately fourteen shots. In the Town Hall meeting, Chief of Police Greg Suhr explained that Alex had raised his taser at the approaching officers from 75 feet away. Officers fearful for their lives, shot Alex twice, and he fell to a prone position. Suhr claims that wounded and fallen, Alex still raised his taser to track police officers with a red dot laser. Suhr states that the four officers on scene felt threatened, once again, and plied him with bullets until he stopped moving.

An impossible version of events
His family and friends cannot believe the version of events narrated by the Chief of Police, because Alex was a friendly and peaceful young man. His father emphasizes, “He was such a friendly person. We would barely leave the house, when he would be stopping a mom with a child, and start playing and talking with the baby.” Refugio adds, “He probably had met many of the regulars on Bernal Hill Park. Whoever called the police, surely hadn’t been there long enough to have met Alex.”

Alex’s family and friends also cannot believe police version of events, because he was a student of police regulations and procedures. He had studied two years at the San Francisco Police Academy, before he studied a Criminal Justice degree at City College with the aim to become a probation officer helping youth. He had just completed his program.

His family cannot believe that Alex —knowledgeable in police behavior, regulations, and protocols— would have ever raised his weapon at approaching officers. His father and mother both say, “It is impossible to believe.”

It is truly an unbelievable version of events that Alex, with his background in law enforcement, seeing officers with guns drawn would even consider touching his taser. It is even more unbelievable that after feeling the impact of bullets and falling to the ground, knowing that he only had a taser and officers had guns that Alex would continue to track officers with the taser. Police version of events are simply impossible to believe.

One of Alex’s best friends, Ben Bac Sierra—homeboy, author, and professor at City College of San Francisco— recently told El Tecolote newspaper, “I believe that profiling occurred in this case…. (The officers) hear his description—Latin male, 6-foot tall—and that causes them some intimidation, because he’s somewhat tall. He has a red jacket on. He has never been involved with guns, never been arrested in his life, but I believe they profiled him as some type of gang-involved individual,” added Bac Sierra. “If Alex had been a blond-haired, blue-eyed, 6-foot individual with what appears to be a gun on a holster, eating a corned-beef sandwich—he may have been mistaken as an off-duty police officer. There’s a mindset that occurred as they were approaching.”


For more information about Nieto, and how police subsequently harassed the family and attempted a coverup, see the above website.