Beware of Officer Carrasco (badge 1341)

Unsurprisingly, Officer Carrasco (badge 1341), the officer who tried to push Bo Frierson from his wheelchair and into the street, has a history of assault. (video and interview with Bo here:

A copwatcher alerted us to a video that shows the aftermath of a previous assault by Officer Carrasco, and Officer S. Uang: According to the witness, the officers had been pulling one of the women’s hair. The video shows two young women handcuffed and one is visibly upset and roughed up. The officers also harass bystanders and witnesses, which is what Carrasco was doing to Bo – he was trying to intervene when they assaulted his cousin, only to be assaulted himself.

An officer is currently under investigation by Internal Affairs and the Office of Citizen Complaints (whatever that means) and we assume that officer is Carrasco, though it is unconfirmed. What we do know though that he’s still on duty.

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